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Erwachsene 2,00 €, Schüler 0,50 €,         Kinder bis 6 Jahre frei, Familienkarte 4,50 €, Behinderte 1,50 €,  Gruppen ab 15 Personen 1,50 € pro Person

Ehrenamtskarte des Landkreises Würzburg

Das Fränkische Spitalmuseum Aub ist Akzeptanzpartner der Ehrenamtskarte des Landkreises Würzburg.

Karteninhaber zahlen 1,50€ statt 2.-€ / Schüler mit Karte haben freien Eintritt / Familien 3.-€ statt 4.50€


The "Spitalmuseum"

Under the impression of the plague the Franconian nobleman Gottfried II of Hohenlohe-Brauneck founded a hospital for the poor, needy and pilgrims in the city of Aub in 1355. In the following years an impressive building complex developed on the bank of the small River Gollach near the stone made bridge. The gothic central building, the modern so-called "Pfruendnerbau” and the church from the neo-Gothic period remained preserved until today.

"Ora et labora”! That was the main principle for all inhabitants of the hospital. In accordance with the hospital rules of 1590 the inhabitants should do their work for the hospital, which is necessary, competent and honest. And they also should always remember and praise the donators and benefactors of the hospital. These inhabitants, who had good benefices, were allowed to have their meals at the table of the headmaster of the hospital.

A nurse and a priest took care of the well-being and the mental balance of the inhabitants. In the year 1755 the hospital inhabitants were admonished to enjoy their daily wine rations to prevent illness.

The hospital of Aub was one of the wealthiest country hospitals of the collegiate monastery of Wuerzburg. No less a person than famous master builder Balthasar Neumann worked out the plan of the new grain barn. For centuries hospital chroniclers recorded and documented the history of Aub hospital. The extensive archives of the hospital still makes historical hospital life come alive again today.

01. April until 31. Oktober
Fr., Sa, So. 1pm - 5pm

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